My name is Lori Sohl Sammartino, and it’s safe to say that I’m a junk-flipping, joy spreading, Jesus-loving mama and wife who has been blessed to discover what it’s like to live a life recrafted in Christ. Because I am so passionate about wanting other women and girls to experience the freedom I’ve found that comes with knowing we have an unshakable, ever-lasting identity in a never-changing rock solid Savior, I am committed to encouraging as many of God’s gals as I can to discover their unique gifts and talents and then using them to become all that God created them to be.

My life’s dream is to build a team of women who are interested in sharing their own individual gifts and talents with others whose past experiences have limited their opportunities to pursue new  hobbies, crafts, or skills. By banding together and adopting a philosophy of “each one, teach one,” I envision these disadvantaged women, whose lives were once characterized by the pain of hurt and hopelessness, one day being able to soar to new heights with their newly acquired skills because someone took the time to invest in them. Ladies, if you’re feeling any kind of inkling to perhaps become one of those special “someones,” please be sure to e-mail me at lori@bloomintobeing.com or leave me a comment at the Life Blossoms Bungalow blog.

Here’s to fresh starts, second chances, and recrafted living!

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