More Lessons from BSF Study-The Moses’ Meter of Life

I was encouraged today to learn that Moses’ life could be divided into 3 different stages. Most likely it encouraged me because I find myself connecting with him in Stage 2, and I like knowing that I’m not alone in my mess! (You’ll see below, Stage 2 was a bit of mess for our friend Moses). And yet, even at this age and stage, there was still a whole lotta life and usefulness left in him! Thank God that He never gives up on us, age, stage, mess and all!

So my BSF study also alerted me to the knowledge that Moses went from zero, zip, zilch on the  self-confidence meter to total and complete 100 percent God-confidence by the end of his years. Read on to see where you might fit in on the Moses Meter of Life? No matter where you find yourself, just know that you’re in good company with Moses! He’s truly one of the most celebrated heroes of the Bible.

Of course, since Moses lived to be 120 years old, his 3 stages of life split up all nice, neat, and tidy into the 3 following 40 year periods. And don’t worry if your life isn’t working out quite so precisely in ages and stages exactly like Moses’. Let’s be willing to ball park it today for the sake of this exercise! Y’all with me, girls? Here we go for a closer looksy!

Stage 1: Ages Birth to 40 – This is where Moses was learning something ~ attending the best of Egyptian schools and exposed to finest Egyptian learning and scholars. No wonder he was growing in self-confidence and self-reliance.

Stage 2: Age 41-80 – Here’s the part that I most connect with: Moses on the run, fleeing from Pharaoh who was out to murder him after Moses impulsively killed an Egyptian who had been abusing a Hebrew slave. Remember that story? (See Exodus 2 for the inside scoop on that). Not to say that I’m fleeing Pharaoh for having committed murder, but do you realize where Moses ran to for these next 40 years? Turns out he fled to the wilderness, a place called Midian, where he ended up spending time alone with God, his thoughts, and quiet meditation. On the surface, we might think that those 40 years looks like wasted time, but nope! Not in God’s economy. God used those years for preparation, getting Moses ready for Stage 3 and the biggest role of his life. It dawned on me that having escaped Pharaoh once in his early life, with practice being “on the run,” probably served Moses well for the second time around when he’d be leading an entire nation of Israelites away from Pharaoh’s grip. No? So now when I’m tempted to think 40 years  (well, give or take a few~it’s all relative!) of solitude and the wilderness is a bad thing, I’m instead reminded of Moses and how God used that same scenario for good in his life. If the wilderness worked for Moses, why not for you and me as well?

Solitude: God's Gift to Us

Solitude: God’s Gift to Us

Guess what else happened while Moses was out there alone in the wilderness? His self-confidence plummeted. Yup, nose dive to the zero, zip, zilch level where he learned to be nothing. Got any areas in your life where God’s asking you to learn to be nothing? It’s bound to happen while you’re out there roaming in the wilderness, but no worries because Stage 3 is coming!

Stage 3: Age 81 to 120 – And here comes the piece de resistance, where Moses learned that apart from God, he could do NOTHING! Not that he might be able to do some things partially on his own. Oh, no! Rather, he proved God to be his everything! This was where Moses learned complete and total dependence on God. Sure, it didn’t come without a failure (or two), but even that’s encouraging to me, because God can use our failures to make us more usable to him! Hallelujah! That’s worth doing the dance of joy today, isn’t it? Just flip through the Bible and you’ll see that there are very few characters who have no recorded failures! So, what’s that mean for us? Here’s the answer: it’s far better to fail than never learn to rely completely on God. So with that, what are you waiting for? Will you join me today in asking God to prove to you that HE IS EVERYTHING?

Where do you find yourself today?

Where do you find yourself today?

Let me know what begins to transpire in your life from here on out, k? I have a sneaky suspicion that it could be huge for you, and I’d love to hear all about it! Me, Moses, and you girl! We’re in this together! Rockin’ the Moses Meter of Life!

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