Baby Moses and Lessons from BSF Bible Study, Week 1

Believing Parents

Believing Parents

Well, it’s good to be back into Bible study and the structure of BSF again this fall. Sure enough, week 1 of the Life of Moses study was jam-packed with jewels~things I hope to long remember. I thought I’d take some time today to share some of those gems with you here, and hopefully, I can make a habit of posting my reflections each week as I dig into the BSF Moses study throughout the remainder of the year. I’m full-on anticipating that I have much to learn from the character of Moses, and I’d love it if you’d accompany me on this new journey! Shall we run along to our first stop with Moses as he’s floating down the River Nile? You might be wondering, “What could we possibly learn from him, being that he’s only just a baby at this stage of the game?” Well, it’s not so much what we learn from Moses here, but rather his mama, Jochabed, as she takes a bold step of faith. The faith of Moses’ parents changed Moses’ life and the entire future of Israel. How encouraging to be reminded that faith most often grows in families, and that children come to trust in God as a believing parent instructs them faithfully and prayerfully. How huge a responsibility is parenting considering that once a child is conceived, he/she will live forever in either heaven or hell? That sure isn’t anything to be taken lightly, is it? Yet even still, we are not guaranteed the outcome. This too is a lesson that I’m learning to practice with more and more intention lately, i.e. letting go of the outcomes.

One of my favorite authors, Emily Freeman, in her book A Million Little Ways encouraged her readers to live life more like a poet and less like a programmer. That’s letting go of the outcomes! Can I ask you what you tend to live your life like more often? Poet or programmer? Moses’ mother, Jochabed, certainly couldn’t program the outcome when she had to turn baby Moses over to Pharaoh’s daughter after just 3 short years of pouring into his life, could she? Rather, the poet in her had to place her own baby in the hands of God, trusting Him completely for her child’s future. “Not my will, but yours be done.” I ask myself as a mama how likely it is that I’d be able to do that. Sure was some faith she had. Sure praying my faith will have the same kind of influence that Jochabed’s did when it comes to raising up my own child.

Would you join me today, mamas, in praying like Jochabed, “Not my will, but yours be done?” And then, continue to put your hope in the Lord letting go of the outcomes and living life like a poet.

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