Linking Up to the ICAD 2014 Challenge

So yesterday began the ICAD 2014 Challenge, ICAD being short for Index Card a Day. It’s an annual event taking place over at Daisy Yellow. I’ve never participated before, but since uncovering my new passion this year for Art Journaling (and even having inspired a wee one or two, i.e. the young nieces, who now love to play with color, crayons, and all sorts of mixed media fun), I thought, “Why not head over and join in on the online event?” Heck, it only asks us to let our creative juices spill out onto one small 3 x 5 (or 4 x6 at maximum) index card a day! It’s not like I’m painting or repurposing the entire surface of a door! (That’s for all my door junkies, who get my inside “door jokes”. You know who you are, you “adoor-able” peeps)!  But I digress. So back to the ICAD Challenge. If you’d like to let your own creative juices be reignited and you have a few empty index cards lying around, grab one today and see what spills out of you. The Daisy Yellow site has ideas to help jumpstart what you might wanna doodle or color or throw down on your card, but really, there are no rules! Don’t you just love that, freedom sistas? You know I do! They don’t call me “Coyote Princess Warrior” for nuttin’! But nonetheless, if you find yourself hankering for just a small dose of structure or a starting off point to launch from, then check out the prompts and pointers over at the Daisy Yellow page here. And for the rule followers in the bunch, here’s the list of FAQs. But ya better hurry over and get started. Just pick up your crayon today and giddy up ’cause the challenge only lasts 61 days through the end of July!  Oh, and moms, it’s a great summer activity to have the kids join you in! Buy a double pack of index cards and saddle up for a great ride of Art Journaling, creative, expressive, juicy summer fun!

And we’d love for you to let us see some of your creative beauty too! Show us those cards! Here’s mine from yesterday, and remember those wee ones I mentioned earlier? Here are theirs too! So blessed by their budding artistic beauty! Hope you are as well!

Izzy's Day 1

Izzy’s Day 1

ICAD-Ava day1

Ava’s Day 1


Day 1-ICAD Challenge

Day 1-ICAD Challenge


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2 Responses to Linking Up to the ICAD 2014 Challenge

  1. babzmal says:

    Sounds fun, but I have to
    pass for now. Too much
    to do thru June.

    Sent from my iPhone. Barb



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