New Year, New Opportunities


So with a new year comes the chance for new starts and new opportunities, right? Well, I came across this resource called The Documented Life Project that unlike others really intrigued me, because it not only had the traditional “let’s get organized in the new year” theme but rather, it had a creative twist tied into it. And if you know me, you know I’m all about the creative twist. If you can jazz it up, embellish it, or bedazzle and sparklify it (yep, I think I just made that word up), then I’m all in! How could I (or anyone for that matter?) resist an invite to use art, crayons, and other fun, color-producing tools to plan and organize their 2014 calendar if given the choice to opt in for vibrancy and pizzazz? (Rhetorical question. No need to answer). 

Since we’re only a few days in to 2014, you and I are right on time to head over and join the project. The first challenge was just issued on Sunday. (There’ll be one per week for the remainder of the year; details explained on the project’s site at Art to the 5th). As a side note, many of you who’ve followed my personal journey at Re-stARTistry these past few years have witnessed how my own path involved many old doors, and you’ve seen me step through quite a few of them, literally and figuratively, watching as God opened up new possibilities with each door that was brought to my path. ImageOddly enough, the project’s first challenge involves a “door!” How uncanny is that? When I read it, I knew it was yet another sign that I had to take a step and walk on through! These doors, they keep on comin’ to me! So c’mon. I’d love a few friends who are feeling creative and whimsical in the new year. Anyone up for an artistic expressive adventure? The price is right too. Free. Free inspiration. You can’t beat that. Opportunity is knockin’ at your door. Are you gonna’ answer? I’ll wait to hear from you!


About Lori Sammartino, Re-stARTist

Life Coach + Artist + Teacher = Re-stARTist Connecting faith, creativity, and daily life for soul-nourishing human flourishing!
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