No Excuses

It's not too late to join!

It’s not too late to join!

As I think about this today, a week into the study at, there are so many women that have impacted my life as “mentors.” However, the ones that stand out in my mind at the moment (and I offer this as encouragement for those of us who want to make excuses as to why we shouldn’t be mentoring) are the ones from the past who weren’t afraid to show up and reveal themselves as “cracked pots for God” in the heat of their current battles! (And ladies, I hope you know that I mean “cracked pots” in only the nicest and kindest sense as I consider myself to be one of His biggest “cracked pots”). The storms of life would be furiously raining down upon these women, and yet they would show up in all their vulnerability and take a risk for God, telling of an ugly situation that they were struggling with, instead of pretending that everything was “hunky dory, A-OK.” This is what I loved about them. Sure, they brought real, raw emotions along to the situation, but more than that, they brought an enduring belief in an ever-present, all-powerful God who they knew would not let them be crushed, despite the pressures they felt closing in on them from all the other sides. And, because they didn’t try to hide the cracks in their pots, they were able to trust God to use them to bring comfort to others. So now, when I am faced with my own “cracked up” life moments, I recall the examples of those godly women who went before me and who were courageous enough to share their stories with me during a difficult time of their own, and I know that God is calling me to do the same. It’s only through our brokenness that we can shine through our cracks and reflect God’s glory into the life of another. Ladies, I hope you’re encouraged to get out there, no excuses, and be the light! Cracked pots for God, UNITE!

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3 Responses to No Excuses

  1. Elisa says:

    What an awesome testimony and beautiful picture of how the Lord works. Thanks for sharing about it here!


  2. Well done from one cracked pot to another. It always astounds me how much God loves me. I’m humbled and sometimes even embarrassed that He could love a putz like me no matter what.What an amazing God we have !!!!


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