God and His Polka-Dotted Goodness

Being in the study of the book of Genesis these past few weeks has really helped to reignite my appreciation for the magnificence of God’s creation, even in what seems like some of the simplest things. Take for example, the ladybug. I got a phone call on my cell phone the other day when I was outside working in my driveway, so I stopped what I was doing and sat down in the middle of my front yard to take the call. That’s when I noticed a ladybug crawling around on a blade of grass, so when my phone call ended, I decided to try and snap a few close-up pictures of her to see if I could zero in on some of the details God designed her with. Well, it turns out that she was so stinkin’ small I could barely find her to even start to photograph her through the eye of my cell phone camera! I’m sure my neighbors thought I had lost my mind as I was rolling to and fro in the grass trying to capture the perfect shot of a ladybug on my cell phone, but the difficulty of that task only served to reinforce how much I should be marveling at the expansiveness of God’s creative power. Who else but God could design something so small yet so intricate at the same time? And to go even further, besides being in awe of His creative power, I realized yet another characteristic of God that I hadn’t paid much attention to before this whole “ladybug thing.” How about those polka-dots on the ladybug’s back? How cool is it that God decorates His own creation with polka-dots? (True confession: I love, love, love polka-dots)! Don’t they just shout “whimsy?” Did you ever really think of God as being “whimsical” before? I hadn’t, but I rather like seeing Him in this new light. Yep, our God is a God of whimsy!

Momtastic.com shows you how to polka-dot your own pumpkin

They say great works show something of those who produce them, and that knowing the Maker is vital to understanding the purpose and meaning behind the product. Well, I couldn’t be more grateful to God for His timing of the study of Genesis in my life this year. You see, I’m embarking upon a new leg of my life’s journey this year too. I’m venturing out into new territory. Matter of fact, it feels like a whole great big world of unknowns that I am slowly making my way into as I step out in faith (with teensy weensy baby steps) into the local Pittsburgh community of arts and crafts makers, so not only am I getting the chance to learn about my own Maker and His purposes and meaning for me, but I’m also trying to embrace the many opportunities there are to meet and learn about the all sorts of wonderfully creative makers right here in our local Pittsburgh community, each with beautiful pieces they produce in tender handmade care.

One of my first encounters with the local maker community was at an author book-signing held at Wildcard in Lawrenceville. Grace Dobush who wrote The Crafty Superstar made an appearance to reveal some of the tricks of the trade. It was my first visit to Wildcard, and if you haven’t been to this darling shop that carries the work of many local artists, it is definitely worth a trip. 

While I was there, one of the first makers I met was Gillian Graber, owner of Gillie Beans Boutique, and she is a talented seamstress who sews custom creations for the precious little beans in our lives. You can check out her beautiful work on her Etsy site by clicking on the previous link or by visiting her facebook page. Just click here for Gillie Beans on Facebook. Gillian then introduced me to another local gathering of crafters who kicked off preparations for the upcoming holiday market under the roof of a local healthy vegan eatery called Quiet Storm. Mmmmm…yummy! That’s where I got to meet the founders of I Made It! Market and now, Assemble. They are Carrie Nardini and Nina Barbuto, both of whom are big time “do good”-ers for the indie-craft market.

I Made It! Market

That’s just a sampling of makers that I had the good fortune to meet in one short week here in Pittsburgh, so I know I’m in for a real “mammoth maker storm” if the activity continues on at this record pace! I’m going to be bracing myself for the newness that God has in store for me for the season ahead. I guess that’s what Genesis is all about, right? Newness. So, as I look forward (truth be told, the introvert in me is already starting to tremble), to getting to know all of these makers (and more!) in the months ahead, how about you? What is your Maker calling you to step out and do with just a teensy amount of faith?


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