What I Wore Wednesday, on Thursday

So here we are back at it for What I Wore Wednesday, Round 2, only it’s Thursday again. Funny, but I think I had that same problem last week, posting for What I Wore Wednesday on a Thursday. (Well, now’s just as good a time as any to let you in on a little-known secret of mine. Maybe after hearing it, you’ll better understand why I do things like write a Wednesday submission but don’t post it till a Thursday. For those of you who already know me well, just nod and say uh-hum… that’s our Lori. It’s a nickname I gave myself just within the last few years when I started realizing what sorts of things really mattered most to me in life. And what I realized was that they weren’t the same sorts of things that had mattered most to me for the first 40 years of life.Go figure! Thus explains the lil’ name that I dubbed myself. The name that makes me feel like I’ve managed to break free from a mold that once held me down, keeping me from  living a vibrant, passionate life. The name that reminds me that I am uniquely and wonderfully made, free to be all that God hand-crafted me to be, and that name is “Coyote.” Of course Coyote doesn’t conform to the societal standards of time since she’s a free-spirit.Coyote tends to operate on more of an “island time” frame of reference. Long story short, it’s Thursday and you’re reading a Wednesday-titled post. Thanks in advance for the grace). Aw-rooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Where did this past week go? Was it just me, or did anyone else feel like the holiday weekend made these most recent 7 days feel like a fast-moving blur? Being that it was an American holiday weekend, we celebrated Memorial Day in red-white-and blue style all week long. How about you? Did you find yourself wearing those patriotic colors this week too? True confessions: I’m a lover of all things Americana. I used to have an entire house full of collectibles centered solely on the American flag, so I love it when I get to dress up in the colors of our flag.

On Friday night, we headed out for some good, old fashioned fun with family, friends, and fireworks in the quaint Pittsburgh village of Sewickley, PA. The red shirt is as old as my son, 15 (yowza!), from Lerner NY. Can you believe it? I paired it with a simple blue cami. The white shorts are from White House Black Market and the white belt with navy polka dots (luvin’ the polka dots lately) is actually one of my $1 estate sale finds that looks like it was originally designed to be worn as some kind of an “add-on” collar, but I managed to tie it around me as a sash since I didn’t see much of a need for an “add-on collar.” What’s that about anyway?

Check out the party flip-flops. Straight outta Old Navy, only I dressed these ones up with a set of hair scrunchees a friend gifted me with. I figured they’d make more of a statement on my feet than on my head, and voila! It’s a foot party! I call ’em my “firecracker flops.” Easy peasy! Of course, when we went to the Memorial Day parade in Sewickley, I had to dress up my water bottle too. (See what I mean about luvin’ the polka dots)!


And finally, what I wore on Wednesday to wrap up the week of Americana-style dressing was one of my absolute favorite skirts, this one from Anthropologie, and probably the only piece of clothing from there that I own. Trust me, it was on clearance years ago when it was calling my name from the rack. Every time I put it on, it gets so many compliments. I think it’s because it must evoke memories in people like it does in me. To moi, this skirt screams “vintage tablecloth.” What about to you? Doesn’t it just make you wanna sit down and have a picnic? The t-shirt is just a simple navy one from Soma and the flip flops? Well, these are another one of my absolute faves, because they’re interchangeable and you can easily mix and match the bands to go with a multitude of outfits! Gotta luv that! Have you heard of Switch Flops? If not, I’d highly recommend you check them out. They are well worth the investment.

Vintage Tablecloth Skirt

Now last week if you remember, I asked you to think about the feelings that certain items of clothing evoked in you when you put them on. When I wear this skirt, I am reminded of my Busia, my mother’s mom, who was straight off the boat from Poland (bless her soul), and who used to live with us when we were growing up. She always kept the house as neat as could be and much like Alice from The Brady Bunch, you could find Busia on any given day dressed in her own special brand of uniform, not a blue dress with white apron but rather a vintage “housecoat.” I’m not too sure how many of you are familiar with the term “housecoat” or if it’s just akin to us, but nonetheless, that’s what I think of when I am wearing my tablecloth skirt because Busia’s housecoats were always made of some kind of lightweight cotton fabric with floral prints. I wish I had a photo of my Busia to share with you here, but I don’t, so you’ll just have to conjure up your own image of a housecoat for now. If anyone else had a grandma who was known to wear something similar and you have a photo you could share, please comment below and link up with me here! I’d love to see some of those retro-vintage prints! And if anyone else has photos for WIWW, be sure to visit the pleated poppy’s site to link up (just click the button below). Till next time…

pleated poppy


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One Response to What I Wore Wednesday, on Thursday

  1. Ann says:

    Busia and the housecoats~I remember them both well. Ahh, nostalgia! I’m sure this recent post brought “H” to tears. This is an entire history lesson here centered around Busia and H’s immigration to the US.


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