The Stories Behind the Clothes: What I Wore Wednesday – Linking Up

Because I’m still pretty much a newbie to this whole blogging thing, I’ve been quietly “creepin’ on” the blogosphere these past few months checking out some websites of interest to see what I could learn from the other brave blogger-souls who have ventured out before me. One of the sites I’ve been delighted to creep upon is The Pleated Poppy blog by Lindsey Cheney. She has a feature called WIWW – What I Wore Wednesday, and up through today, I have secretly been enjoying following her for several reasons (I guess it won’t be my secret anymore after I publish this post:o). Here’s the whole gist of what WIWW is all about: Because so many of us nowadays either are work-at-home moms (WAHMs) or stay-at-home moms (SAHMs), Lindsey wanted to come up with a fun way to try to encourage us to simply get dressed each day. (You know how we could all use a reason to break free from the routine jammies or sweat pants, right)? Well, here it is. The challenge has been put forth to try to document your daily outfits in photos and then post them on Wednesdays to your site with a link back to The Pleated Poppy. Perhaps you’ll be motivated to opt in for next Wednesday? In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some of the reasons I’ve been digging Lindsey’s WIWW pics. Not only are her outfits pleasantly paired up, showcasing her uniquely fun sense of style (I just love an outfit that wears like a work of art!), often times she’ll share a morsel of a personal story that has a special significance to certain pieces she wears in the photos.

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! (Umm…. those would be the bells n’ whistles ringing in my head!) Did someone say “story” and “style,” 2 of my favorite inspirations, both in the same sentence? Why, that’s just the sort of thing that makes a gal like me get all bloom-dizzy with glee! Isn’t it amazing how a simple article of clothing can sometimes serve to trigger a floodgate of memorable life moments for us? I love it when my hubs says something to me like “do you remember the drive to the hospital for the birth of our son?” and I reply with a, “How could I forget? I was wearing that awful red maternity romper that made me look like a giant killer tomato!”

Never before seen photo of me as a Giant Killer Tomato

Lately, my clothes have been evidence of the fact that it is still possible to find a great bargain, even when you’re not shopping at my favorite thrift storefronts; for example, here’s my own WIWW outfit from this Wednesday that only cost me about $15.


Loving a good bargain

Best part of the ensemble? The gray skirt isn’t really a skirt, but I figured it could double as one. Its original design intended for it to be a strapless top. Don’t ya’ just love versatility? It’s a 2-fer, 2 fer the price of one! Better yet, I only paid $3.97 for it at Gabriel Brothers, better known to us frequent fliers as “Gabe’s.” The two purple pieces were both on the $2.97 clearance rack at Old Navy! And speaking of old, the silver flip flops from Target have lasted me through 6 years, and the jewelry? I never pay more than a few bucks a pop for my “jewels!” Target, Claire’s, Gabe’s… Nothin’ but the best for me, gals.

So there ya’ have it. My first attempt at WIWW, and I hope you’re encouraged to give it a whirl next Wednesday over at The Pleated Poppy blog. However, might I challenge you to an added twist, being that you, my Life Blossomers, know the truth, that each of you has been uniquely and beautifully hand-made by our master artisan God, regardless of what you wear? See if when you’re dressing next Wednesday, you can look closely at each piece you put on and pay attention to any emotions or memories that might be triggered in you by the items you’ve chosen. What drew you to the shirt you chose to put on? When you bought it, what was it that compelled you to purchase it? Does it remind you of something from when you were a child?

How do you identify with the things you’ve chosen to wear? I’d love to read about the beautiful connections your clothes have to your personal life stories, much like the way God uses each of our experiences to weave together the fabric of our lives. Stop back next Wednesday and link up with The Pleated Poppy for WIWW, and then swing by the bungalow to share your “stories” with me here. Till then, keep on blooming into being!
pleated poppy


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