Everything Yet Nothing

Gotta love that hubs of mine. He comes up with deep thoughts regularly, without even knowing it! This morning, while attempting to poke fun at me in a playful spirit, he came up with this one: “You are everything and you are nothing.”

Now for those of you who know me well, you know that as a child, I was often made fun of for my typical pattern of trying new things (sports, hobbies, clubs, etc.) and then giving them up as soon as I’d tire of them. My philosophy was one of “try anything once and if you don’t like it, at least you’ll know it because you gave it a try.” However, I soon realized that for most of the people around me, my philosophy was not one that they avidly shared. Quite the contrary! Most people had another name for my kind of philosophy. Umm, that’d be “quitter.” I guess I must have hung with a group who preferred to play it safe, lay low, and take minimal risks; thus, the flack I faced for my willingness to try anything and everything! But looking back, I think that my approach has served me well, and clearly, it’s a large part of the way that God has uniquely designed me since it’s a trait I still carry with me to this day. Yet now, I have enough “God-confidence” in me that I can hold my head high (most of the time) and embrace this adventurous quirk of mine instead of feeling like a quitter.

So at this point, you’re wondering, “How does that connect to your hubs’ comment this morning?” Well, I’m so glad you asked! It was when I was struttin’ around feeling a lil’ bit proud of myself for designing a new playtime contraption for my son’s pet ferret, one that I was hoping would keep Sir Zigmond Ferretopolous (aka the pet ferret)

Sir Zigmond Ferretopolous, aka The Pet Ferret

entertained for more than 5 minutes and thereby would enable me to get a few tasks accomplished – without “ferret interruption,” that is. (Sidebar: I gotta tell ya. The ferret can be more demanding than a strong-willed toddler when he’s out and about)! As I’m braggin’ on myself to the hubs, he retorts, “Great job, honey. Add ‘Ferret Playroom Designer’ to your growing list of skills. That’s so you – you are everything, yet you are nothing.” Nice, huh??? (I do know he was just playfully joshing me since I am a self-confessed “try anything once” kind of gal). But after he said it, I got to thinking, and ya know what? He’s right, (but don’t tell him I said that). I am everything, yet I am nothing. I am blessed beyond imagine in so many ways, even in what I perceive to be my sufferings, and yet I know it’s only because I am preserved and delivered by God. (Psalm 34:19 – “A righteous man may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all…”).

How many times have you, like me, found yourself in a situation where you assume you have the power to control your own life and map out your own destiny? How often do you put your hope in the false illusion of human security? The truth of the matter is that God alone is reliable. You, nor I, can guarantee our lives, not even for a moment, so how can we be certain of anything that life holds for us? The only sure thing that we can do is to look to God, to humble ourselves under His mighty hand, and to seek His will for whatever blessing or guidance He may give. I think James (vs. 4:7,10) clearly captures the essence of my hubby’s deep thought for the morning (go figure! Well done, James!) when he says, “Submit yourselves, then, to God…. Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” That’s when we, who are nothing, can become everything, everything that He created us to be.


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