More Places for Inspiration in Ft Myers

Well, you know what happens when you return from an extended trip and walk through the door of the old “home sweet home.” Time gets the best of you, but then again, I had to remind myself that my new year’s resolution was to adopt a lifestyle of “living on island time.”

My New Year's Resolution

With that being said, then today’s post about places of inspiration in Ft Myers, FL, is right on time! Surely, we Northerners aren’t done with our trips down South for the winter months, right?

One of the places I got to check out on my most recent visit was the Wisteria Tea Room in downtown Ft Myers.

Owner, Bobbie Schwartz, welcoming us to the Wisteria Tea Room

The owner, Bobbie Schwartz, greeted us with her warm southern hospitality and made us feel right at home, even with my 2 little “princess in training” nieces tagging along for their first tea room experience.

One of my lil' princesses in training

No wonder the Wisteria Tea Room’s tag line reads “English Tea with a Southern Flair.” It will definitely be on my list of places to revisit. I loved the cottage feel, and the food was deeeee-lish too!

Another place worth a visit is a unique side-by-side set of shops just minutes from the beach area on Pine Ridge Road. Sondra’s Furniture Consignment, Inc. had a huge selection of new and used furniture, along with the biggest assortment of designer fabrics I’ve ever seen! I met Sondra during my visit and she confessed that she (much like me) is a “fabric-aholic.” Matter of fact, when her fabric obsession first started, she had to buy an old pick up truck just to have a place to store all of the fabrics in! Love it! A woman after my own heart. Check out this find of a red wicker furniture set I saw at her shop!

Wish I could have stuffed the whole set in my carry on bag!

And right next door to Sondra’s was the Swap Shop, an interesting mix of antiques and larger than life wood crafts, like hand-carved totem poles and over-sized adirondack chairs in an array of vibrant colors.

Do you think the airlines would have noticed me trying to carry one of these bad boys home?

For now, that’s the latest on my last round of inspiring finds in the Fort Myers area of FL. Be sure to let me know if you have a chance to visit any of these fun little venues on your next trip to SW Florida or if you discover some new ones you can link me up to for my return trip, because I’m all about sharing contagious inspiration.


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