A Vintage Find in Fort Myers

While many holiday vacations have drawn to a close at this point, I’m one of the lucky ones blessed to report that mine is still in full swing here in beautiful SW Florida! It sure does help that my mom, my sis and her family reside here and graciously allow me to crash their living quarters anytime it suits my fancy. (A big YAY for me, eh? That’s quite the perk). And since my fam is still relatively new to the area, one of our favorite things to do when I come to visit is to head out on a hunt to discover the unique shops that dot the Fort Myers landscape. Today we were at it again, just my mom and I out this time looking for a new adventure. And what a delightful jaunt it turned out to be as we happened across a real hidden gem of a boutique, this one full of all things shabby chic. I couldn’t wait to get home and blog about it to you!

If you’re ever in the Fort Myers, FL, area and find yourself in need of a vintage pick me up, then you’ll want to check out the Forget Me Not: A Shabby Chic Cottage Boutique located at 12680 McGregor Blvd. Upon walking in, we were warmly welcomed by the owner herself, Sandra Reno. She was perched behind her beautifully arranged desk that showcased many of her shop’s hand picked vintage treasures and immediately, I could tell that Sandra was a woman living her passion. (She was kind enough to oblige me in my request to snap a photo of her too. That’s her, below, looking lovely). As we struck up a conversation ranging from how this “shop owner” pursuit of hers was a second career, to how she finds the artisans whose hand-crafted works she carries, I couldn’t help but come away feeling inspired by her story. She is the embodiment of the dream that I hope for, for every woman who walks this world; to be able to step out in bold faith and pursue the purposes that God expressly created her for.

I hope you’re inspired by reading this snippet and that if you’re ever in SW Florida, you’ll be inspired to take a step of your own, this one through the threshhold of the doorway leading to the Forget Me Not. For sure, you’ll be glad you did!

Look for another post to come that details a few more unique shops that we discovered on this visit to Ft Myers. Till then, wishing inspiration your way…

Meet Sandra from the Forget Me Not. a shabby chic cottage boutique in Fort Myers, FL


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One Response to A Vintage Find in Fort Myers

  1. It sounds like you had a delightful day. I’d love to read about the other unique shops you visited. I recently posted about a repurposing boutique I found in Tucson. It is so fun to explore new places, isn’t it?


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