The Hunt for an Ugly Christmas Sweater

The best part? It doubles as a festive chair cover!

So last week, hubs asked me to go out and find him an ugly Christmas sweater. Turns out, everyone had the same idea. I must have made multiple trips to multiple thrift stores, and without fail, on each of my excursions, I encountered a group of guys out shopping en masse for that perfect item to wear to their Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties! They’d beaten me to every available ugly holiday sweater in the city of Pittsburgh, leaving me empty-handed. What’s a gal desperate for an ugly Christmas sweater to do???
Luckily, I was determined to not give up, and I headed over to another one of my favorite bargain hunters’ paradise stores, ROSS Dress for Less. There,  on the rack calling my name was a plain, old, simple red V-neck sweater vest priced right at just $4.99! I knew that hubs wasn’t going to feel too festive when I showed him this rather normal looking “ugly Christmas sweater wanna be,” so I decided to do what I do best – time for some bedazzled embellishing! Check out the finished product! So simple and easy for anyone to tackle.
Here’s how: I fabric glued some white fur around the collar and the neck line, as well as down the front center. Then I attached a few gold buttons atop the center strip of white fur to make it look like a jacket with buttons. Black fur attached to a belt buckle was then glued around the waist area to mimic the look of Santa’s belt and to help finish the look. Voila! One ugly Christmas sweater for one desperate mama! To my hubs, I ho-ho-hope you like it!

About Lori Sammartino, Re-stARTist

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