New Life for a Vintage Crib

I love a good country auction. This summer, I picked up 2 vintage baby cribs for just 2 bucks each! My hubby and son thought I was nuts. What could I possibly do with 2 old cribs? For starters, I removed a side rail on this one, the first of my finds. Then I dressed it up with an old gingham tablecloth and some pine garland. A perfect Christmas addition to the front porch, and so easy to change its look all through the year. Better yet, all was done for much less than I’d spend on a cup of coffee. A word to hubs and son, “Don’t doubt what mama can do with a $2 crib and a lil’ bit of imagination.”

A Crib for Mama

A Crib for Mama


About Lori Sammartino, Re-stARTist

Life Coach + Artist + Teacher = Re-stARTist Connecting faith, creativity, and daily life for soul-nourishing human flourishing!
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